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[NICK97] Resources Icon In Search Results - XF1

XF Product [NICK97] Resources Icon In Search Results - XF1 v1.1.0

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NICK97 submitted a new resource:

[NICK97] Resources Icon In Search Results - XF1 - Add resource icon instead of avatar in search results and tag results

This addon added Resource Icon in xenforo search instead of avatar in xenforo search...!

Feature Summary:
  • Resource Icon in search
  • Set to 250x150
  • Ratings in xenforo search
  • Download counts in xenforo search
Note: Thank you @M@rc for your help with this addon for my gaming community website https://cities-mods.com

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NICK97 updated [NICK97] Resources Icon In Search Results - XF1 with a new update entry:

Few Changes and removed support XFA Download From List

What's New:
  • Removed Support XFA Download From List
  • Removed Options for [NICK97] Resources Icon In Search Results
  • Update the addon page
Note: This addon is disconnected for xenforo 1.x and no longer taking any support for this addon! If you wanted new features or bug fixes I am recommend you to updating your forums to xenforo 2.x or newer

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