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Here at XenShop we offer premium quality XenForo themes and add-ons for XF1 and XF2
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Blocked Countries
Country Blocked

Country Banned from registration and login

  • China
  • Korea, North
  • Korea, South
  • Iran
  • Hong Kong
  • Germany
  • Russia

Country Banned from purchasing and downloading

  • China
  • Korea, North
  • Korea, South
  • Hong Kong
  • Russia

More Information about why there are restricts for some countries!

More information about restricts countries!

Website Banned

  • mindcraft.net
  • sd42.ca

More Information about spams, inappropriate contents or others!

More information about spams or phishing
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Blocked Words

Blocked Words:

  • mindcraft
  • garbage
  • health
  • investment
  • fullz
  • credit card
  • forex
  • mortgage
  • pharmacy
  • viagra
  • outlet
  • prada
  • marketing
  • seo
  • vn
  • maletestosterone
  • supplements
  • spam
  • scam
  • password
  • full
  • nulled

More Information about bad words, inappropriate words or others!

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Why are countries are restrict from downloading any resources and purchasing resources!
Hi everyone Some countries will not be able to downloading and/or purchasing any resources due to licensing agreement, human rights abuses and wars in ukraine by russia 🇷🇺 Countries listed:
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Russia
  • North Korean
  • South Korean
Imported Note: owner of any plug-ins are against any war. I never wanted to present our political view, we are tolerant to any political opinions. But when bombs start to exploding any politic is over. We are strictly against the Russian invasion to Ukraine.
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Why do I needed to verify my domain before purchasing and downloading any resources?
This is due to people downloading nulled copy from nulled websites without paying and I needed to make sure people is purchasing from xen-shop.com with verified license active.
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